Bill Cobbs for Governor

Bill Cobbs for Governor

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Bill Cobbs for Governor

My name is Bill Cobbs and I am a candidate for Governor of Michigan. My goal is to restore a government "for and by the people" as the Michigan Constitution requires. It's time to restore trust and honor to the highest office in our State.

Michigan has 20% of the world's fresh water. In my youth, Michigan was called a Water Winter Wonderland. Yet, Governor Snyder has worked against the people of the State, and trust in government eroded along with our water, highways, bridges, and schools. Governor Snyder and Republicans left hundreds of thousands of Michiganders without clean water, made Michigan a dumping ground for garbage, and put us at the bottom of the country in ethics and transparency, and literacy. We must clean up our state. 

As the Global Vice President for Xerox, I listened to our customers, and working with a team of professionals, I built the Professional Services division from the ground up, helping to make Xerox a global business leader. I will bring the same competent and trustworthy leadership to the state of Michigan.

As Governor, I will listen to citizens. I will work with cities and towns across the state, with citizens, teachers, architects, and engineers, together, to refresh our infrastructure and restore our Water Winter Wonderland. Together we can achieve a Michigan with the best beaches, the best-tasting water, great schools, and great jobs rebuilding Michigan's infrastructure. Let's lead again!

What People Are Saying

My father is a role model for personal excellence. He believes in accomplishing goals, but doing so with a clear conscience, the honest way.

- Will Cobbs, Son

Bill Cobbs is a man with integrity and a genuine love for this great state of Michigan

- Stephen McAlpine, Real Estate Investor (Rosedale Park, Michigan)

He is a real person with a real plan. He has looked at the policies in our state and evaluated them and determined what we need on environment, infrastructure, and the Constitution. This guy! That is all.

- Marty Townsend, Managing Editor of Dearborn Heights

Bill Cobbs is a man of character, a man of his word. Logical, thoughtful, and caring are words which describe Bill.

- Lori Pica, Office Manager of Macomb Township

He brings incredible intellectual horsepower to the table

- Cheryl Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer

Bill was my direct manager for approximately four years. During that time he led an emerging organization and helped build a very successful team. His leadership allowed us to grow to potentials that had previously not been met. Bill's mentorship skills, consensus building, problem solving, and team building differentiate Bill from other managers.

- Bill Belanger, Senior Director of Business Processes (Okemos, Michigan)

Bill brought me into the company 9 years ago and cast a vision for my career that seemed unattainable yet I've since hit and surpassed. He coached me on working through internal politics and systems to get to where I'm at today. Bill is a phenomenal speaker, leader and strategist.

- Dave Kurt, Business Development Director of South Lyon

A leader, a strategic thinker with a commitment to mutual success is how I would best characterize Bill Cobbs!

- Curtis Brooks

Why I'm Running for Governor

I'm not a politician. I'm a citizen running for Governor. So, as a citizen, I am going to talk about the kind of state I wish to live in and the kind of place I’d like for my grandchildren to grow up in. These days, people just don't trust what is going on in Lansing. We must restore trust in government.

Michigan is the only state surrounded by 20% of the fresh water in the world. If a Governor can't provide clean water here, he is incompetent. Frankly put, Snyder's performance as a Governor is poor, because he doesn't listen to the people. People power is where I thrive.

I have served my country as a member of the United States Navy. I have worked my way from stock boy in a Detroit clothing store to a Global Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company. In retirement, I coach promising Fortune 500 executives how to listen to customers, how to listen to their team, and how to win.

The beauty of Michigan rivals any state in the nation. However, the three political ills of incompetence, corruption and apathy in Lansing are destroying our state. This lack of strong people oriented leadership caused 100,000 people to be poisoned, created an outbreak of Legionnaires' and Shigella, caused 10 deaths, put us at the bottom in child literacy, the bottom in recycling, and taken us to the top of municipal and industrial waste importers.

In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Michigan businessman Sam Kercheval: 

“The mother principle [is] that 'governments are republican only in proportion as they embody the will of their people, and execute it.”

The Snyder administration has destroyed Jefferson's democracy. Instead, under Snyder our state has made international news for state-run schools infested with mice, mass water shutoffs, lead-poisoned children, earned our Governor title Worst Leader in the World by Fortune Magazine and a violation from the United Nations. Snyder's leadership fails to create the kind of state people want to live in.

As a citizen, I am tired of Michigan going in the wrong direction. We need a Governor committed to working in the People’s interest. I will bring the best talent to Lansing to help Michigan win. I will create a culture where competency and integrity are rewarded. I will create a culture where the wheels of justice are turning again. We used to be called a Water/Winter Wonderland, working together we can create that state for my grandchildren and yours.


Wayne State University Law School

University of Michigan


1972 – 1973

Cass Technical



  • IKON Golden Circle (2002 and 2003)
  • Xerox Chairman’s Award (1997)
  • Xerox President’s Club (2001, 2000, 1999, 1998,1997,1996,1995, 1994, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983, and 1982)


Bill Cobbs graduated from Cass in 1970. He completed his Bachelor's at the University of Michigan and spent time in the Navy. After working his way through law school at Wayne State University, as a police officer, Bill received an opportunity at Xerox. With hard work and determination, he built the Xerox Professional Services division from the ground up, helping to earn the corporation over a billion dollars and becoming a Global Vice President of Xerox Corporation.

Later, he became CEO of Microsoft Partner Surf/Ray and Chairman and President of 100 Black Men of Metro Detroit. He is now an Executive Coach helping polish promising candidates for leadership roles in Fortune 500 Companies. Bill plans to restore trust and integrity to Lansing, Restore Michigan's Road & Water Infrastructure, Save the Great Lakes, and Fix Michigan Schools. His priority is putting the people first.


Bill, Will, and Lisa at Wills Graduation From Morehouse University


Bill and wife, Lisa Cobbs, have been married for 36 years. He has two children, Will and Brooke, and one granddaughter, Kennedy.

Mission Statement

My mission is to restore trust and integrity to Lansing, to fix Michigan's road and water infrastructure, to save the Great Lakes, and to make Michigan a great place to raise a family. I hope you will join me in my journey.